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You Can Speak After You Die

A will allows you to decide the distribution of your property after you die.

A properly executed will can ensure:

- you decide who controls your property and administers your estate after you die

- specific property is given to specific family and loved ones after your death

- specific people are excluded from receiving your property after your death

- your burial wishes are known and honored after your death

- you decide who will become your minor children’s guardians

Without a will. The state will determine:

- who will administer and distribute your estate

- how your property will be divided and distributed

- disputes on your burial arrangements

- who will be your minor children’s guardians

Why It Matters. Most people work hard in their lifetime to accumulate some assets for life enjoyment. In most cases, you cannot take all you accumulated to the grave with you. Wills allow you to distribute what is left behind according to your wishes.

What’s Next? Take inventory of your accumulated assets and think about how you want your assets distributed upon your death. Also think about your funeral and who you want to raise your minor children. Write your thoughts down and go see an attorney.

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